Nutrition is important to success at ABQ Children's Academy

“Everything your child needs for optimal learning” includes healthy snacks and meals. ABQ Children’s Academy relies on your assistance to make sure your child has the proper nutrition, but we do provide resources to make that easy.


Children should have a healthy breakfast before being dropped off at 8:00 am. If your child arrives early for before-school care, he or she may eat breakfast at school, but we do not provide breakfast, so a healthy meal should be packed. We encourage breakfast selections to include protein, which is more effective at helping children sustain mood and energy throughout the morning.


All classes eat lunch around noon. You may pack your child’s lunch, or families receiving CYFD child care assistance may purchase a hot lunch throughout APS (full hot lunch service coming soon!). We have limited refrigeration space, so we encourage the use of ice packs and insulated lunch boxes to keep food at a safe temperature until lunchtime. We can warm up your child’s mid-day meal if requested.

The monthly lunch menu for APS is posted on our blog. Orders must be placed by 9:00 am, so please indicate at drop-off what meal selection your child prefers. You may also order multiple meals several days in advance for convenience. Hot lunches will be billed on the following month’s invoice, similar to before- and after-school care charges.


All classes have a mid-morning snack time. We encourage parents who prefer to pack their children’s lunches to include a snack. However, if no snack is sent with your child, we do have a selection of kid-friendly foods.


Please make sure that your child’s allergy information is current. Parents are responsible for packing and/or ordering lunches free of known allergens for their children.

Because children often share their snacks and lunches, we request that parents be mindful of any child’s food allergy and pack accordingly. If your child’s class includes a student with a food allergy, the information will be announced and posted in the classroom.

Please talk to your child’s teacher about any allergy concerns, and contact us if you have questions about our hot lunch program.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!