At ABQ Children’s Academy, we understand that the traditional school day does always coincide with your work day. We offer extended before- and after-school care hours to accommodate busy parents and guardians.

Before-School Care

ABQ Children's Academy offers before-school careABQ Children’s Academy opens our doors every morning at 7:00 am. When you bring your child in for before-school care, the procedures are the same—sign your child in and wait until his or her teacher has acknowledged your child’s arrival before leaving.

If your child has not had breakfast before drop-off, please make sure to pack a healthy morning meal in addition to your child’s lunch.

After-School Care

ABQ Children's Academy offers after-school careAny student not picked up after school (by 11:30 am for half-day students or 3:00 pm for full-day students) will be checked into after-school care.

During after-school care, which is available until 6:00 pm, your child will receive an afternoon snack and may enjoy outside and/or free play.

To check your child out of after-school care, parents or guardians must sign the sign-in/out form. If your child is being picked up by an authorized adult other than a parent or guardian, ABQ Children’s Academy staff will need to see a photo ID before releasing your child.

Extended Care Costs

Before- and after-school care is billed at $4.00/hour (charged to the nearest quarter-hour increment). You do not need to pay upon drop-off or pick-up. All extended care charges accrued in one month will be added as a line item on the next month’s invoice, payable with your monthly tuition rate.

No pre-registration is required for before- or after-school care.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!