Toddlers - Little Cubs

ABQ Children’s Academy accepts students as young as 18 months in our Toddler Room. Find out what kinds of learning activities your Little Cub experiences every day they come to school.

Daily Schedule

ABQ Children’s Academy follows a structured day plan to give your toddler the security of routines and help them adjust to a segmented school day. While students know what to expect at different times of the day, the lessons and activities are always new. And, of course, there is also a lot of time for free play and exploration.Toddler daily schedule

Toddler-Level Instruction and Activities

All classes at ABQ Children’s Academy follow the same curriculum, which progresses conceptually and visually through monthly themes. Although your toddler is learning the same concepts and skills as Pre-K students, the lessons and activities are always developmentally appropriate.

Little Cubs in the Toddler Room benefit from multiple types of instruction, including:

◊ Teacher-led instruction

◊ One-on-one student-teacher interactions

◊ Small group activities

Because we keep class sizes small, your child always gets the personalized attention they need to flourish.

What Your Toddler Needs

Every student in the toddler room needs personal care items as well as arts/crafts materials and classroom cleaning aids that supply our community stock.

View the toddler room supply list, and please talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!