Preschooler - Terrific Tigers

When your child has mastered toddlerhood, they will encounter new and exciting challenges as a Terrific Tiger in the Preschool Room.

Daily Schedule

ABQ Children’s Academy continues to provide the security of routines and increasing independence for our preschool students. Our preschool schedule has an ideal balance of teacher-led instruction, guided play and free exploration.Preschool daily schedule

Preschool-Level Instruction and Activities

Preschoolers get the joy of seeing their own growth and what they have to look forward to as they grow through our school-wide curriculum. All classes are introduced to the same letters, numbers, shapes and themes each month, but lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate. While your preschooler will likely remember some of what they learned and did as toddlers, as Terrific Tigers, they encounter new challenges and build on the skills they already mastered.

What Your Preschooler Needs

Preschool students are expected to be potty-trained, so personal care items are limited to those needed for nap and meal times. All other supplies are used to build a community pool of arts, crafts and classroom maintenance items.

View the preschool room supply list, and please talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!