ABQ Children's Academy offers curriculum enrichment

ABQ Children’s Academy teachers designed our school-wide curriculum to be scalable to each developmental level and cover the concepts and skills your child must know to be kindergarten-ready. Yet we offer more—a number of enrichment experiences to complement their classroom instruction and activities.

Science and Math Enrichment – STEM Room

ABQ Children’s Academy is the only early childhood center with a classroom area devoted completely to physical and life sciences, mathematics, problem-solving and reasoning.

Guided play and project-based learning in our STEM Room is integrated into the daily schedule of class. And, students encounter new materials, manipulatives and STEM disciplines each month because our STEM Room changes with each theme.

Language Enrichment – Spanish

Albuquerque is a multicultural, multilinguistic community, and ABQ Children’s Academy helps our students immerse themselves in it through Spanish lessons. Our Spanish instructor visits each classroom twice a month, and our teachers visually and verbally reinforce new Spanish vocabulary.

Gross and Fine Motor Enrichment – Dance and Soccer

ABQ Children’s Academy has partnered with community organizations to offer extracurricular activities that facilitate physical (and social) development. After-school soccer instruction and play is provided by Rio Rapids Soccer Club. Dance lessons are available during school hours for registered students through Kids Love to Dance.

Community Enrichment

Because our students are too young to safely transport in groups to local sites for field trips, ABQ Children’s Academy brings community resources to the school. Throughout the year, we offer a number of “traveling” enrichment experiences, such as visits from ABQ BioPark, local police and firefighters and more.

Choose an Enriching Day Care Experience for Your Child

You need a safe place for your child to spend their days while you are at work or school. But you can do better than make sure they are entertained at a crowded daycare center. You can make their daytime hours rich with active learning opportunities.

Contact ABQ Children’s Academy to schedule a school tour or to register your child today.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!