ABQ Children’s Academy strives to make sure our students have a positive first school experience. Our curriculum provides opportunities for your child to learn in ways that interest and come naturally to them while challenging them to increase their skills and confidence in all core developmental domains.

Comprehensive Early Childhood Curriculum

ABQ Children’s Academy employs a curriculum developed by our experienced early childhood educators who know what milestones and mastery levels children must meet to be kindergarten-ready. Our curriculum reflects learning objectives across all developmental domains.

Concepts, skills and capabilities covered include:

Cognitive and language/literacy developmentABQ Children's Academy supports cognitive development

◊ Number recognition and basic concepts

◊ Sequencing

◊ Letter recognition

◊ Pre-writing and pre-reading activities

Social developmentABQ Children's Academy supports social and emotional development

◊ Communication with peers and adults

◊ Respectful interactions with all living creatures

◊ Self-enabled problem-solving

Emotional development

◊ Self-confidenceChildren gain confidence at ABQ Childrens Academy

◊ Self-esteem

◊ Self-control

◊ Independence

Physical development

◊ Gross motor skillsABQ Childrens Academy curriculum supports physical development

◊ Fine motor skills


◊ Drama

◊ Arts/crafts

◊ Material exploration and manipulation

Spiritual developmentABQ Children's Academy welcomes children of all faiths

◊ Prayer

◊ Devotions

Our curriculum also includes enrichment experiences to foster multi-language development and growth in scientific exploration and reasoning through experiments, discussions, guided play and project-based learning opportunities in our STEM Center. Our curriculum also encourages increased awareness of civility and community membership through discussions, classroom practices and visual aids about holidays, manners, community workers.

Curriculum that Accommodates All Learning Styles

The early childhood curriculum at ABQ Children’s Academy includes a balance of individual and group activities and as well as activities that accommodate all learning styles:

◊ Kinesthetic (learning by moving)

◊ Visual (learning by reading and looking at graphic representations)

◊ Auditory (learning by listening)

◊ Tactile (learning by doing)

It is our hope that by encouraging students to explore various ways of learning and finding what styles come most naturally to them that they will have an easier time adjusting to other teaching styles in elementary school and beyond.

Sequenced, Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Students at every developmental level follow the same early childhood curriculum, which is theme-based. Every month, students are introduced to new concepts and learn new associations to reinforce concepts and skills already covered.

View our theme schedule.

Although the overall concepts are the same, the activities through which each student segment explores them and the level of mastery expected are determined by students’ developmental level.

ABQ Children’s Academy has three classes:

Toddler—the Little Cubs

Preschool—the Terrific Tigers

Pre-K—the Mighty Lions

Students are placed into a class based on their readiness for new challenges and growth, not necessarily by age. While most students progress through our classes at the ages of 2, 3 and 4 respectively, students may benefit from being in a classroom with peers slightly younger or older.

If you have concerns about your child’s placement, please talk to our director.

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