Why Choose ABQ Children's Academy?Parents in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights have many choices for child care, but ABQ Children’s Academy offers parents and children more than just “daycare.” We offer a rich educational environment where students are encouraged to explore, create and learn in ways that build self-confidence, healthy relationships and all the skills they need to be kindergarten-ready.

Personal Attention for Every Child

Young children thrive when they feel emotionally secure and the guidance of a trusted adult is readily available. It is hard for children to get the attention they need for optimal learning in a crowded classroom or play center. ABQ Children’s Academy provides the environment your child needs for optimal learning by maintaining low student-teacher ratios.

In order to save money on staffing costs, some childcare centers in New Mexico employ “floating” aides, allowing them to increase the number of children they can take. However, transitory classroom assistance does not provide the secure environment young children crave or the reliable assistance lead teachers need to properly care for each child.Personal attention for every child at ABQ Children's Academy

At ABQ Children’s Academy, we simply maintain a small, stable student-teacher ratio in each classroom:

◊ Toddlers: maximum of 6 students per lead teacher

◊ Preschool and Pre-K: maximum of 10 students per lead teacher

Because our classrooms can safely accommodate more students, we may increase class size. However, when more students than the ratio maximum are enrolled, the lead teacher is assisted by an aide—the same aide every day so that children benefit from two consistent, caring adults.

Curriculum Design that Accommodates Every Learning Style

ABQ Children’s Academy is a school, not a childcare center. That means we implement a curriculum that systematically introduces students to core concepts and skills across all developmental domains—physical, cognitive, social/emotional, etc.

Our curriculum was designed by our own early childhood educators who have years of experience teaching toddlers, preschoolers and pre-kindergartners.

Our curriculum is modified to accommodate each developmental level and includes activities suited to all learning styles:

All learning styles accommodated at ABQ Children's Academy◊ Auditory

◊ Kinesthetic

◊ Tactile

◊ Visual

By giving students opportunities to explore a variety of ways to learn, we hope to build their confidence in their ability to learn, which is foundational to future academic success.

Enrichment Opportunities Only Available at ABQ Children’s Academy

At ABQ Children’s Academy, we recognize that young children are capable of so much more than our larger society often gives them credit for. So, rather than offer them what’s “good enough,” we provide enrichment opportunities for them to explore and learn more.

STEM Enrichment

ABQ Children’s Academy is the only early childhood education center with classroom space devoted entirely to the exploration of science, problem-solving and math. Our STEM Room is full of manipulatives and visual aids geared toward match and science exploration. In line with our philosophy of guided play, our teachers present students with projects and real-world challenges to help them get the most from their daily time in the STEM Room.

Language Enrichment

ABQ Children’s Academy offers Spanish lessons to help students develop multi-linguistic abilities. Research shows that learning multiple languages facilitates metacognitive awareness, which helps people become more mindful, effective language users.

Spiritual Development

ABQ Children's Academy welcomes children of all faithsABQ Children’s Academy provides an educational experience based on Christian values. Spiritual practices are incorporated into daily routines, like praying before mealtimes. We provide a safe place for students to start exploring who they are as a part of a bigger creation and a being that can look forward to a life beyond. Although we are Christian-based, we welcome children of all faiths. The presence of other spiritual traditions in our student population gives us the opportunity to help children develop respect and acceptance for differences in beliefs, traditions, looks, etc.

ABQ Children’s Academy also provides extracurricular opportunities for physical and social development through Rio Rapids Soccer Club and Kids Love to Dance.

Make the best choice for your child’s first school experience. Choose ABQ Children’s Academy. Take a virtual tour and contact us to schedule a visit at our Northeast Heights location (weekend appointments available) or to register your child.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!