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Miss Natalie

Miss Natalie, ABQ Children's Academy early childhood teacherTeaching philosophy

As an early childhood teacher, it is my job to teach young children what they need to know to be successful, well-rounded people and to make parents feel confident leaving their precious little ones in my care. I prepare each day to instruct and guide young children through a developmentally-appropriate program that gives them the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be ready for the challenges of school and society. I believe each child’s education benefits from cooperation between home and school, so I invite open communications with families and provide parents and guardians with the resources they need to make sure their children are safe, happy and ready to learn. I believe it is important to teach children about morals, vales and how to be a kind person. I also want to give them the opportunity to learn about and feel God’s love. So, my teaching integrates Christian religion and traditions and welcomes those of students who observe other faith backgrounds.


◊ Color: Black (it matches everything)

◊ Holiday: Christmas, Easter and Halloween (I love them all for different reasons, so I can’t pick just one favorite)

◊ Animals: I love them all (just look at my pet collection!)


◊ Six (6) dogs: Lily, Maverick, Kahlua, Opi, Macy Ray and Sadie

◊ One (1) cat: Bo

◊ One (1) bird: Jin Jin

Miss Kirsten (Miss K)

Miss Kirsten, ABQ Children's Academy early childhood teacherTeaching Philosophy

Learning isn’t a race. It’s a life-long process, and I strive to give students the start they need to develop the curiosity and confidence they need to keep exploring.

At ABQ Children’s Academy, I make it my job to provide my students with many ways to encounter new concepts and skills, helping each child develop at their own pace, making sure to integrate both the freedom and guidance to explore new ideas with all their senses—visually, hands-on, ears-on, and nose-on.

I believe that healthy student-teacher relationships are the foundation of self-confidence. I strive to be the reliable, caring teacher they need to feel comfortable and confident in themselves so that they take the bold leap—reach just outside the box, expand their knowledge and try something new that may be hard at first…until we master it.


◊ Color: Gray

◊ Holiday: Halloween

◊ Animals: Dogs and snakes


◊ Six (6) dogs: Messi, Sol, Kaylani, Patches, Mercy and Bear

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