ABQ Children's Academy - early childhood education in Albuquerque's Northeast Heights

ABQ Children’s Academy is one of Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights’ newest child development centers. We are excited to offer a curriculum full of experiential learning activities that cater to all learning styles, encourage whole-child development and jumpstart your child’s love of school.

What Makes ABQ Children’s Academy Unique

ABQ Children’s Academy is not a daycare center. We are a school uniquely equipped to teach very young children (ages 18 months through 6 years) a wide range of academic disciplines, social skills, motor skills and life lessons. Students are placed into their classrooms based on their developmental abilities rather than age so that every day every child can enjoy a learning environment that offers appropriate challenges.

Our staff are licensed early childhood teachers with several years of experience working with toddlers and preschoolers.

Our Educational Philosophy

It’s true that children can and will learn through free play, and there are plenty of opportunities for unstructured play at ABQ Children’s Academy. However, we believe that children can learn even more—about their world, themselves and how they learn—through guided play.

At ABQ Children’s Center, we have taken great care to select the toys, tools and resources that surround your child in their classrooms. We have also spent years developing our own curriculum that provides meaningful learning experiences.

During classroom instruction, we create play opportunities that challenge children to make sense of a new concept and/or problem solve to complete a task or work toward completion of a project. That’s what we mean by guided play.

When children are engaged in meaningful experiences that allow for playful exploration, they learn more because they what they learn helps them make sense of the bigger world around them.

Programs for Toddlers through Pre-K

ABQ Children’s Academy offers so many opportunities for your child to explore their world, build their confidence and grow into the unique people they were born to be.

Our curriculum include instruction developed exclusively for:

◊ Toddler

◊ Preschool

◊ Pre-K

Our classroom instruction is complemented by our enrichment programs, and we cater to working parents by providing before/after care as well as a nutrition program that provides breakfast, lunch and two snacks each school day.

Learn More About Us

The best way to learn why you should choose ABQ Children’s Academy is to visit our learning center. Contact us to schedule a tour (weekend tours available!). Click here to learn more about attendance options and tuition rates.

Your child already loves learning. ABQ Children’s Academy helps them love school!